Yinka Adebayo

Dr. Yinka Adebayo

 – Director, Education and Training Office and Deputy Director, Member Services and Development Department

Dr Yinka Adebayo, Director Education and Training Office, World Meteorological Organization (WMO) holds a degree of Doctor of Philosophy since 1985 further to  Master of Science (1982) and Bachelor of Science (1980) degrees in geography. Since he joined the staff of the United Nations system 1990, Dr Adebayo has been working on scientific and policy advisory services to several governments and institutions worldwide. In this regard, he first served as a consultant to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi in 1989 and later joined the staff of the organization in 1990, where he worked in different capacities until 2002. He had a stint with the African Development Bank (ADB) as Principal Environmental Officer in 2002. In 2002, he took up duties as a staff WMO based in Geneva Switzerland first as Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General, then he became Senior Strategic Planning Officer in the same office and later Chief, Education and Fellowships Division in the Education and Training Office. 

Prior to the staff of United Nations system, between 1983 and 1990, Dr Adebayo lectured and examined climatology, hydrology and related environmental sciences up to level of doctor of philosophy, in a number of universities in Nigeria and Kenya. During 1990 he was appointed as a visiting Senior Fellow at the Institute of Ecology, University of Essen, Germany. As a researcher, he has authored several articles in scientific journals such as Atmospheric Environment, Journal of Climatology, Theoretical and Applied Climatology and Weather and has served as peer reviewer of hundreds of academic and professional articles, particularly in his capacity as member editorial board of scientific journals and graduate school external examiner.  For example between 1991 and 1995, he served as Member, Editorial Board, Atmospheric Environment Series B (Pergamon Press). He belongs to various professional bodies.