Admissions to the MEIG Programme are decided on the basis of the quality of the overall application file. Priority is given to academic achievement, recommendations and motivation letter.

All complete applications will be assessed by the MEIG Executive Committee. Incomplete applications are not taken into consideration. The Executive Committee of the programme may at any time require applicants to provide further information, in addition to the documents submitted as part of the application. An interview may supplement the admission procedure. 

Please note that you are eligible to apply during the last year of your current study programme, provided you obtain your final degree by the start of the MEIG Programme in September. 

Application Procedure

To apply for the MEIG Programme in one or two years, candidates must submit a complete application file, containing the following documents:


Completed and signed application form


Letter of motivation/personal statement demonstrating the applicant’s interest in the field of Governance in English (max. 500 words)


An up-to date curriculum vitae (in English) with a portrait photograph (headshot)


Copy of passport or ID (personal details page)


Copies of relevant degrees and diplomas, with an officially certified translation into English, or French, when they are not originally in either English, French, German, Italian or Spanish


Copy of official transcripts/records of University (last academic diploma/courses/examinations and grades obtained with the same need for translation as above


Official TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge scores, please make sure you don’t upload the original test result as it is a protected pdf and we cannot open it (print it and scan it again);


Copy of certificates or other evidence of past and present professional positions

To apply for individual modules of the programme please use this application from

There is no application fee. You will be requested to pay a first amount of CHF 3’000 net of bank charges (which will go towards your tuition fees) within the deadlines set in the admission letter and the tuition fees invoice. This will secure your place in the programme.

Only if needed, there is the possibility of sending your application by postal mail to our address:

MEIG Programme
Master of Advanced Studies
in European and International Governance

UNIMAIL – University of Geneva
40, Bd du Pont d’Arve
CH-1211 Geneva 4

Application Deadlines for the academic year 2024-2025

For the 2024-2025 academic year of the programme, applications are considered on a rolling basis. There are still a few places available.

Applicants will be recruited until the limited places in the MEIG programme are distributed considering the date of arrival of the MEIG candidate application form.

The application deadlines for individual modules are as follows:

For Modules I – VI → from 1 October 2023 to 1 July 2024

For Modules VII – X → from 1 October 2023 to 31 October 2024

The Modules will take place as follows:

Module I → September 2024

Architecture of the European Union and European Governance

Module II → October 2024

Architecture of the United Nations System and Global Governance

Module III → October 2024

Key Skills for a National or International Career Dealing with Global Issues

Module IV → November 2024

Human Rights and Migration

Module V → December 2024

Peace, Security and Humanitarian Affairs

Module VI → December 2024

Digital Governance

Module VII → January 2025

International Trade and Development

Module VIII → February 2025

Health and Environment

Module IX → March 2025

Climate Change

Module X → March 2025

Agenda 2030 and the Public-Private Partnership for its Implementation

Please reach out to the MEIG team if you need more detailed information for your planning.


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