For Employers

The MEIG Programme is always available to put you in contact with students that suit your current needs and that fit your organization or company. Many employers have found our students to be an excellent asset for their organization or administration. The great diversity regarding origin, age and educational background has proven not only a source of inspiration and academic exchange, but a way to understand and learn about each other’s culture to build better governance working teams.

The MEIG has an established reputation of providing talented graduates to work worldwide in international organisations, NGOs, governments and other institutions. You are incorporating some of the best candidates aware of governance challenges at different levels.

The MEIG has established many links and partnerships with potential employers who appreciate the diversity of talents trained during the programme to suit their needs. The different cultures, approaches and language skills are highly valued qualities that may serve also your organization.

What the MEIG Programme can do for you:

  • Meet the MEIG people to inform us about the profiles you are looking for
  • Identify and suggest participants corresponding to the needs of your organisation or company by taking into consideration their previous education, experience, and performance during the MEIG Programme
  • Share your job and internship vacancies with our participants and alumni
  • Arrange meetings between participants and employers allowing you to present the assets of your organization

By recruiting students and alumni from the MEIG you are incorporating some of the most knowledgeable people in European and international governance as well as the implementation of Agenda 2030 in public or private sectors. 

We are often approached by numerous employers seeking a particular profile. Our graduates and alumni are an international pool of young people coming from diverse countries, with good language skills and pluridisciplinary backgrounds.


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