Bettina Borisch

Prof. Bettina Borisch

 – Professor at the University of Geneva

Prof Borisch is a global public health expert. She has a long experience in collaborating with international organizations, both at the UN level as well as at the European level. She also serves in different functions in the NGO sphere. President of Europa Donna, CEO of the World Federation of Public Health Associations and board member of several other organizations.
She is a professor of Public Health at the Institute of Global Health, Medical Faculty, University of Geneva. A medical doctor by training she first specialized in clinical pathology and was the director of the Institute of Clinical Pathology, University of Geneva before orienting her work to Public Health. Her research interests include gender health, health systems, universal health coverage and health governance.
Swiss and German citizenships. Passionate about her fields of experience, she also teaches patients and the broader public, on topics of health and disease, gender and the global health situation.