For Students

The MEIG Programme prepares its students for a career in national or international organisations, administrations, NGOs or companies. Besides the academic content of the programme this includes a substantial support in finding an internship and job opportunities in the context of the end-of-study project. Use this chance to start or improve an international career.

The MEIG Programme is an excellent starting point that has proven to be a true asset for its students and graduates. We support you in starting and advancing your career The MEIG by providing you with the necessary skills as well as advising you for your career planning. 

What the MEIG Programme offers:

  • Career advice
  • CV drafting assistance
  • Numerous networking opportunities
  • Referencing for excellent students

In individual meeting as well as in team sessions we discuss the career plans of each participant and give advice how to reach the goals set.

The MEIG team accompanies the students since day one, and throughout the studies. At the beginning of the academic year, you will have an interview with the MEIG people to determine your career goals and how the programme can best help you to achieve them.


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