Human Rights and Migration

This module underlines the importance of European and international Human Rights protection in contemporary global politics. Participants will be introduced to the key concepts and mechanisms of human rights allowing them to analyse and evaluate the impact of human rights protection on global policies and international relations. They will examine the differences in human rights protection at European, regional and international levels. A specific emphasis is given on the work of the Human Rights Council and the Human Rights High Commissioner, both based in Geneva.

Participants will also better understand the interplay between human rights and migration, a particularly relevant topic of our times. The module examines the enhanced need for protection of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the context of European and international governance. Other regional perspectives are also studied in this context. 

The cooperation developed in that field within the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), both based in Geneva, is of first importance.


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