Health and Environment

This module focuses on health and environment policies as they relate to each other. As health issues are becoming increasingly important at global level, the module explores the actors that shape health policy, including the structures and features of European and international healthcare. Participants explore the key health issues and challenges at European and international levels. The module also discusses the cooperation between the different entities dealing with health in Geneva, in particular the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The second part of the module covers a wide range of environmental issues at European and international levels, such as climate change and pollution, including air quality, water and nature conservation. Participants will gain a deep knowledge of the essential elements of environmental protection, covering the most important multilateral environment agreements. They will develop a good understanding of justice and sustainability as central principles in environmental health.

The overall objective is to provide participants with knowledge, critical understanding and skills for active involvement in the development, delivery and evaluation of a range of public health and environment initiatives.


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