Stéphanie Dagron

Prof. Stéphanie Dagron

 – Professor at the Unversity of Geneva

Since 2016, Stéphanie is a professor of law at the University of Geneva teaching international health and social security law. French by nationality, she holds a PhD in International and European law from the universities of Poitiers (France) and Saarbrücken (Germany). She has worked as a research fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute for International Law and Comparative Public Law and at the Faculty of law in Heidelberg and as a lecturer at the Universities of Saarbrücken, Strasbourg and Heidelberg. Between 2009 and 2013, Stephanie was a senior research fellow at the Institute of Biomedical ethics at the University of Zurich. Between 2013 and 2016, Stephanie was a Swiss National Science Foundation-Professor (SNSF) at the Law Faculty of the University of Zurich.
Stéphanie has a strong professional interest in international health law. She is currently working on a large-scale research project entitled “juridification of global health concerns: implications for health prevention, treatment and health systems” financed by the SNF. Since 2013, Stéphanie has also been practicing international law in her work as a consultant for WHO in the field of tuberculosis.