Multilateralism and its linkages to regional frameworks as an asset

Ms. Bokani Sesinyi 
MEIG Graduate 2019-2020, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Botswana to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva

Having joined the MEIG programme with 4 years of experience in multilateral Geneva work, in particular on human rights and environment issues, I was looking for a programme that could further my understanding of multilateralism, in particular to its linkages to regional frameworks and this is the unique competitive advantage that MEIG conferred to me and I think to all its graduates. At its core is an emphasis on governance that cuts across all the 9 modules of the programme which provides a particularly interesting aspect that helped me gain an understanding of governance, particularly at national level where the most impact is needed. In addition to the incredible Professors we met, out of which most are leaders in their respective fields, I appreciated that MEIG was able to strike a balance between the academic perspective as well as the practical aspects through visits to Geneva based organisations throughout the different modules covered in the MEIG programme. I am thankful for the bond that I developed with all my programme mates who were the most enjoyable feature of the programme because of the rich multicultural setting from which we all came from. With more than 15 nationalities we learnt so much from each other and I am grateful to have gained friends that I will continue to keep in touch with beyond graduation day. I am happy to say that the MEIG programme far exceeded my expectations and from it I have gained growth that will surely continue to impact my career and life in general.

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