Learning from many experienced and skilled people

Ms. Laurianne Nicolo
MEIG Graduate 2019-2020, Intern United Nations Office at Geneva

As a young graduate and as one of the youngest, being part of the MEIG programme was a great and enriching experience for me. It allowed me to learn from many experienced and skilled people from all over the world.
Doing such a master was a big challenge which I do not regret taking as it was the opportunity to better understand the international and European governance as well as the international sphere in general.
The programme gave me the possibility to visit many international organisations, study many different topics and meet respectable speakers, which is unique. Studying with people from so many different countries was what made this year even more unique. I am grateful to count them among my friends now. 
I am glad to say that the MEIG programme helped me start my professional career and greatly impacted my life.