A chance to gain a solid comprehension of the European and global challenges

Mr. Mattia De Pasquale, MEIG Graduate 2019-2020

Recently graduated from EHL (Switzerland), I started growing a keen interest in international affairs shaping our world. I felt the need to expand my knowledge and deepen my understanding of the structures and dynamics within the international fora, whether they are international organisations, NGOs, private companies or State representatives.

I do believe that the MEIG Programme offered me the chance to gain a solid and thorough comprehension of the European and global challenges, with a strong emphasis on governance. This curriculum truly represents the possibility to get a complete overview in essential areas such as human rights, international trade, climate change or global health

Also, the idea to bring together experienced practitioners and professors to interact with the multiculturalism of the MEIG participants is something very appealing to me. It has made debates and interactions much more rewarding and valuable.