Interesting twist to the governance aspects

Ms. Garima Sahdev, MEIG Graduate 2019-2020, Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific at WIPO

After my first Master’s degree in Public International Law, the MEIG Programme gave a whole new interesting twist to the governance aspects. Three reasons why the MEIG stands out here are:

1. The lectures essentially cover the practical aspects of human rights, law, trade, environmental and climate change issues, rather than only focusing on the theoretical side which very often is detached from reality. Participants with diverse professional backgrounds come from several different nationalities with differing governance systems and societies add a special value to the Programme.

2. Each Module has leading experts and professors from the best Universities across the world as well as long-experienced practitioners from specific fields giving different takes on contentious subjects. Participants gain the opportunity to absorb diverging views and form their own opinion. More importantly, I am better equipped to come up with alternate solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges.

3. Towards the end of the course, a participant will have the ability to see all the 9 topics of the Modules and, consequently, the main challenges of multilateralism in an integrated and cohesive manner.

Overall, a highly recommended course for the detractors and the proponents of multilateral governance alike.

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