MEIG was the most exquisite journey I have embarked on so far

Mr. Younes Kenbib
MEIG Graduate 2019-2020

“You are never too young to lead and never too old to learn’’. K.A

As the youngest graduate of all the editions, the MEIG was the most exquisite journey I have embarked on so far. Challenging, informative, enriching, and selective, this is what this Master represented for me. Along with a portion of the finest individuals in their fields, the 17 different nationalities form part of the cultural mosaic of the MEIG Programme. Thought at the biggest hub of diplomacy, and at one of the top hundred ranked universities worldwide, the University of Geneva, the MEIG provided the dual purpose of deepening our knowledge in European and International Governance, ipso facto representing a one in a lifetime chance to combine the different theories learned with the daily practices of experts in their respectable fields.
That said, I would like to highlight that two of the fundamental milestones of the programme are its focus on interdisciplinarity and its contribution to good governance and multilateralism by forming the next generation of Leaders. 
I am very proud today to write these words and say: ‘’I am a MEIG graduate’’. Faithful to the tradition of the MEIG Programme, I promise to stay true to the values enshrined in the United Nations charter and serve humanity with all my heart.

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