Richness and the quality of the teachings

Mr. Badibalaki Wembie,
MEIG Graduate 2019-2020, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Togo.

Before being enrolled in this peculiar Master Programme, I was working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republique of Togo as a Diplomat. Verily, my understanding and knowledge of governance processes while dealing with issues of international concern such as human rights, peace and security, migrations and refugees, trade and development, health and environment, climate change and global development agenda, were not as high as they are now after the successful completion of the MEIG Programme. Indeed, this programme enhanced my ability to analyse and assess international issues from both global and local perspective.

The richness and the quality of the teachings delivered by lecturers and speakers of very high academic and professional level reveal the uniqueness of this master programme. It offers also incredible opportunities to penetrate the heart of the United Nations System in Geneva, as well as the European System in Brussels. It has impacted me in an indelible and positive way.

In short, if there is a program and a place where tomorrow’s governance is taught and discussed, it is the MEIG Programme housed at the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Geneva. 

In this regard, I would strongly encourage anyone who desires to be enrolled in this training to do so without any hesitation. For, it will prepare participants to leave positive marks on their career paths and thus contribute to the creation of sustainable solutions to global problems.