« Before starting MEIG, my background varied in the past 10 years in working for/with both NGOs and International Organizations (IOM Syria, UNDP Syria, UNHCR Syria, GICHD Switzerland, UNFPA Switzerland and DRC Greece).

MEIG has expanded and sharpened my knowledge of the international affairs and global fora, especially when it comes to EU/United Nations structures, mechanism of International Security Council, trade components in which I had only superficial and professional expertise prior to MEIG. I do believe that MEIG has re-structured my knowledge through a well-rounded academic tool of 8 modules and final project. Moreover, MEIG has been a laboratory where to explore a hybrid definition of “Global Governance” that todays world is highly in need for such a modern definition.

Throughout conducting the final paper of MEIG with the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD) on disarmament and human security matters, I was able to reach out increased amount of hands-on practices that are related to international governance and global challenges in which I would have never been able to explore and investigate without MEIG tools and efforts of its esteemed team at UniGe. »

Ali Deeb