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The Law and Practice of EU Diplomacy in Regional and Global Organisations, 7th Jean Monnet Doctoral Workshop, 19 November 2021

The Centre d’études juridiques européennes of the University of Geneva, in the context of the EUDIPLO network on “The European Union in International Diplomatic Relations”, organizes a Doctoral Workshop on 19 November 2021.

The EU developed relationships with various international organisations and became a party, usually alongside its Member States, to a large number of international agreements which created international organisations. The capacity to participate in international organisations was underlined in Article 21 (1) TEU, which provides that the Union seeks “to develop relations and build partnerships with third countries and international, regional or global organisations”. It is worth noting that whereas the provision distinguishes between two levels of organisation, regional and global, no clear consequences seem to follow from this broad distinction in practice. According to paragraph 2 of the same Article, the Union shall work for a high degree of cooperation in all fields of international relations in order to promote an “international system based on stronger multilateral cooperation and good global governance”. But references to possible legal bases for the Union to engage with other international organisation can be found throughout the Treaties. On the basis of this, the EU has become an active member on the international scene, not only as far as international representation is concerned, but also in the negotiation and conclusion of international agreements and in its participation in multiple international fora. The EU defined, step by step, its own diplomacy in the areas of activity of these regional and global organisations. The aim of this doctoral workshop is to explore the role and action of the EU, and its Member States, in these international fora in order to determine, on the basis of law and practice, the content and functioning of EU diplomacy in the different areas and fora. 


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