Conferences 23 octobre 2020

The EU in International Diplomatic Relations: Challenges and Opportunities

Video-conference on 20 November 2020, 9:30 to 17:30 (Swiss time)

The conference launches EUDIPLO, the Jean Monnet network between the universities of Geneva, Groningen, Leuven and Pisa. The central questions EUDIPLO will tackle are about the internal and external constraints as well as the opportunities for the European Union (EU) to further its ambitions as an international diplomatic actor.

Federica Mogherini, Rector of the College of Europe and former High Representative of the EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, is our distinguished guest speaker for the event. Her speech will be followed by four panels on:

1. Overcoming Constraints to EU Diplomatic Actorness

2. The EU as a Global and Regional Diplomatic Actor

3. The EU in Multilateral Diplomacy

4. The EU in Bilateral Diplomacy

The speakers include academics and practitioners from think tanks and the European Parliament. We have also the pleasure of welcoming eight current and former EU ambassadors. Please find the full programme here. You may register for free here.