Global Studies Institute (GSI)

Global Studies Institute (GSI)The Global Studies Institute was established in 2013, and there are now approximately 1,450 students registered at the institute.

An interdisciplinary approach to the study of international and regional relations is privileged at the GSI in order to better investigate and understand the new complex challenges of the contemporary world as a whole.

The GSI attaches particular importance to “engagement with the city” as it believes deeply in sharing academic knowledge with the general public. Thus to fulfill this mission, the GSI organizes numerous conferences open to a wide audience. These symposiums promote interdisciplinary approaches and interchange between academics and practitioners, while collaborators from the GSI contribute with their work to enhance intellectual reflection and dialogue with the citizenry.

The location of the GSI in Geneva is a unique and extraordinary asset. Indeed, the presence of nearly 100 international organizations, several hundred non-governmental organizations and multinational companies offers a plethora of opportunities to observe the world from a privileged position.